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About Carolina Tel

Matt M. Foster

Corporate offices for Carolina Tel, Inc are located in Greenville, South Carolina. Since 1995, Carolina Tel, Inc. has been providing businesses complete telecommunications solutions. Through strategic partnerships we have grown to be one of the largest independent communications companies in the Southeast.

We work for you on a no fee basis. Our compensation is paid by the carriers, thus you see only the savings. This compensation arrangement would create bias if we were partnered only with 2 or 3 carriers. Partnership with over 100+ Carriers Nationwide, however, creates an objective environment for unbiased analysis and recommendation.

Privacy Policy: We believe customer information is private and should never be sold or distributed for commercial gain. Any information you provide to Carolina Tel, Inc will be for internal use only.

Contact us for a Free Telecom Review to identify savings, solutions to your problems & improved efficiencies.

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Are you spending hours on the Internet looking for the best telecom solution? Let Carolina Tel do the work for you!

We can provide a quick quote, a full RFP response or telecom advice.

Contact Carolina Tel today for a free telecom audit. There is absolutely no cost to you — ever, we are paid by the telecom company who provides you service at the best price possible. Call us at 864-968-1123 today.